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Curriculum | Vitae


Career | Employment

Current | Positions

Founder, President and Chair, 2019‚ÄĒ
‚ÄĒ The Alvan Ikoku Group LLC

Founder, President and Chair, 2017‚ÄĒ
‚ÄĒ The Chinyere and Chinelo Ikoku Charitable Trusts
‚ÄĒ The Chinyere and Chinelo Ikoku Foundation
‚ÄĒ The Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku Foundation
‚ÄĒ Publiks Inc

Academic | Appointments

‚ÄĒ Senior Fellow, Center for Innovation in Global Health Stanford University School of Medicine, 2015-18
‚ÄĒ Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and of Medicine Stanford University, 2014-18
‚ÄĒ Andrew W Mellon Fellow of Scholars in the Humanities Stanford University, 2013-2014
‚ÄĒ Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health, Program in Bioethics and Medical Humanities Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2011-2013

Course Instructor | Professor

‚ÄĒ Africa in Atlantic Writing, Stanford University, 2015-18
‚ÄĒ Literature and Human Experimentation, Stanford University, 2015-18
‚ÄĒ Literature and Global Health, Stanford University, 2014-18
‚ÄĒ Narrative Ethics and Bioethics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2012
‚ÄĒ Bioethics and Medical Humanities I and II, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2008-2013
‚ÄĒ Nigeria and its Narratives, Columbia University, 2010
‚ÄĒ Ideas of Africa in Atlantic Writing, Columbia University, 2009
‚ÄĒ Literary Texts, Critical Methods, Columbia University, 2008
‚ÄĒ University Writing, Columbia University, 2005-2007

Academic | Affiliations

‚ÄĒ Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages ‚ÄĒ Department of Comparative Literature, 2013-18
‚ÄĒ Division of General Medical Disciplines ‚ÄĒ Department of Medicine, 2014-18
‚ÄĒ Stanford Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, 2014-18
‚ÄĒ Stanford Center for African Studies, 2014-18
‚ÄĒ Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, 2014-18


Formation | Training

Doctoral | Degrees

PhD English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University, 2013
MD Medicine, Harvard Medical School, 2004

Masters | Degrees

MA African Literature, University of London (SOAS), 1999
MPhil Economic and Social History (of Medicine), University of Oxford, 1998

Undergraduate | Degrees

AB Human Biology and Honors in Humanities, Stanford University, 1996
AA General Science, Santa Monica College, 1993


Honors | Recognition

For | Teaching

Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching, Columbia University, 2010
Derek Bok Award for Excellence in Teaching, Harvard University, 2001

For | Research

Columbia University GSAS Merit Award (for dissertation research), 2009 and 2010 Reid Hall Pre-dissertation Research Award (for archival work in France), 2006


Competitive | Support

For | Research

Mellon/American Council of Learned Societies Dissertation Fellowship, 2010-2011 Mellon Interdisciplinary Fellows Program, Columbia University, 2009-2011
Marjorie Hope Nicolson Fellowship (for doctoral studies at Columbia), 2004-2009

For | Teaching

Teaching Fellowship, Columbia Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, 2009-2010

‚ÄĒ¬†History of Racialization in the US, Columbia University, 2010
‚ÄĒ¬†Introduction to Asian American Studies, Columbia University, 2010
‚ÄĒ¬†Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies, Columbia University, 2009

For | International Clinical Work

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (for clinical work in Gabon), 2003
Clinical Fellow, Service de M√©decine Interne et Tropicale, H√īpital Albert Schweitzer, Gabon, 2003
Clinical Extern, Service des Maladies Infectieuses et Tropicales, H√īpital Necker, Paris, France, 2003

For | International Studies

Rhodes Scholarship, 1996-1999

Articles & Essays

Journals of Medicine and Ethics

with Char D, Lee SS, Rosenthal D, Magnus D. Can Destination Therapy Be Implemented in Children with Heart Failure? A Study of Provider Perceptions РPediatric Transplantation, 20(6), Sept 2016: 819-824.

Conscience, Values, Justice in Savulescu РVirtual Mentor, 15(3), March 2013: 208-212.

Refusal in ‚ÄėBartleby, the Scrivener‚Äô: Narrative Ethics,¬†Conscientious Objection¬†– Virtual Mentor, 15(3), March 2013: 249-256.

Telling РNarrative Inquiry in Bioethics 2(2), Fall 2012: E1-E4.

Articles & Essays

Journals of Literary and Cultural Criticism

Reading Malaria Literature¬†–¬†Literature and Medicine, 34(1), Spring 2016: 205-234.

For√™ts del sur and the Pretexts of Glissant’s Tout-Monde¬†–¬†Small Axe, 19(2), Jul 2015: 1-28.

Invited Talks

with Linked Audio

Ethics and Literature: Clinical Approaches РProgram in Narrative Medicine | Columbia Univ РOct 2012

Global Health Ethics in Richard Selzer‚Äôs ‘Imelda’¬†– Medical Ethics and Health Policy | Univ of Penn – Aug 2011

Invited Talks & Guest Lectures

Narrative Ethics and Global Health РPlenary, Workshop in Narrative Ethics | Columbia University РApr 2016

Narrative from the Perspective of HIV in South Africa РHumanities Institute and School of Med | Duke Univ РNov 2015

Narrative, Global Health, and the Ethical Deliverance of Others–¬†Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics – Apr 2015

Malaria and the Onset of Kenyan Literature РDepartment of Anthropology | Stanford University РOct 2014

The Medical Literature of 1930s Kenya РCenter for African Studies | Stanford University РMay 2014

Literature at Life’s End: A Conversation with Sunita Puri, MD РHumanities Center | Stanford University РFeb 2014

Literary Practice and Criticism in Medicine РProgram in Narrative Medicine | Columbia Univ РApr 2013

Forms of Global Health РEnglish Dept and Mellon Committee on Health and Humanities | Emory Univ РMarch 2013

Narrative in Withdrawal of Care РGeriatrics and Gerontology | Weill Cornell Medical College РMay 2012

Narrative Ethics for End-of Life РDivision of Geriatrics and Gerontology | Weill Cornell Medical College РNov 2011

The Duties of Science in Mary Shelley‚Äôs Frankenstein –¬†Narrative Medicine | Columbia Univ – Sept 2009

Papers at Conferences & Workshops

Nigeria, its Literatures, and Novel Perspectives on Health – Annual Mtg | African Studies Association – Dec 2016

Health and Modern Literature in Kenya– Annual Meeting | African Literature Association – Apr 2016

Forms of Delivery in South Africa – Annual Meeting | American Comparative Literature Association – March 2016

On Global Health and Reading Publics¬†– Annual Meeting |¬†Modern Languages Association –¬†Jan 2016

Ethics and Literatures of Public Health:¬†The Case of Kenya¬†– Annual Mtg |¬†Modern Languages Assoc –¬†Jan 2016

African Literature and Histories of Indigenous Medicine – Annual Meeting | African Studies Association – Nov 2015

Paul Farmer and Fiction: Two Approaches to Ethics¬†–¬†Annual Mtg |¬†Am Soc for Bioe Humanities –¬†Oct 2015

Ebola, Outbreak Narratives, and the Deliverance of Others РMellon Biennial Conference | Columbia Univ РApr 2015

Jomo Kenyatta and the Literature of Public Health –¬†Science, Technology, and Innovation in Africa |¬†MIT –¬†Nov 2014

Global Health Ethics: a Literary Contribution –¬†Annual Mtg |¬†Am Society for Bioethics and Humanities –¬†Oct 2014

Situating the Literary and Medical in Facing Mount Kenya¬†–¬†Medical Humanities in Africa |¬†Univ of Cape Town – Aug 2014

Kenya and Literatures of Tropical Medicine РAnnual Mtg | Am Comparative Literature Association РMarch 2014

Fiction and Refusal: Melville and Conscientious Objection РAm Society for Bioethics and Humanities РOct 2013

Literary Form in Tropical Medicine РMellon Biennial Zuckerman Conference | Columbia University РApr 2013

Reports from the Field (mod) РMedicine, the Humanities and the Human Sciences | Columbia University РApr 2013

On Narrative Deliberation in Selzer’s Mercy Stories РAnnual Mtg | Am Society for Bioethics and Humanities РOct 2012

Paterson’s Pamphlet and the Writing of Malaria РAnnual Mtg | Northeast Modern Languages Association РMar 2009

Reports, Reviews & Interviews

submission for Humanities Futures working group. Global Health and Comparative Literature: Perspectives from HIV in South Africa,John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University, Nov 2015.

excerpted interview. Defining Medical Humanities, for Stanford Humanities Center: Home of the Human Experience, Spr 2014.

with Snow RW, J Omumbo and J Ouma. The Epidemiology, Politics and Control of Malaria Epidemics in Kenya: 1900-1998, Report for the World Health Organization, July 1999.



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