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Alvan Azinna Ikoku is the President and Chair of The Ikoku Charitable Trusts and The Ikoku Foundations. He is also the President and Chair of The Ikoku Group and Publiks Inc.

Education | Training

Ikoku earned his MD at Harvard Medical School and his PhD in English and Comparative literature at Columbia University. Prior to his doctoral studies, he completed undergraduate work in human biology at Stanford and obtained two master’s degrees, in history of medicine at the University of Oxford, and in African literature at the University of Londonā€™s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Research | Teaching

Ikoku conducts research and teaches at the intersection of medicine, humanities and technologies, with a specialized focus on African and African diasporic literature and culture, the novel and twentieth-century narrative forms, communicable and noncommunicable diseases in Africa, biomedical ethics and health humanities, and the development of tropical medicine and global health as modern medical specialties.Ā Prior to his foundational and founding work, he was an assistant professor of comparative literatureĀ and medicine at Stanford University.

Awards | Recognition

He has received presidentā€™s teaching awards at Columbia and Harvard Universities. And his research has furthermore been funded by the Mellon Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, Columbiaā€™s Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, the Marjorie Hope Nicolson Fellowship, and the Rhodes Trust.



For more details, see below Ikokuā€™sĀ research,Ā teachingĀ and works, as well as a developing vita.

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